Personal Guidance Programme

Get The Answers You Need To Live Your Best Life

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If you have found my YouTube videos or daily journal helpful, imagine what it would be like to receive personal videos, recorded just for you answering your questions.

— My Personal Guidance Programme gives you just that —

Each week, you send your latest thoughts, questions and challenges by email, and I record a personalised video just for you. I share my experience, insight and expertise as it applies directly to your life situation.

I will do everything in my power to help simplify and clarify your thoughts and help you to get unstuck and move forward.

How It Works

#1. You send me an email with your questions, thoughts and challenges (don’t worry, you have guidance on what to write).
#2. I record a personal video just for you, addressing your questions.
#3. You watch the video (sometimes more than once!), get the clarity you need, and move forward with your journey.


The programme costs just $127 per month, and for a limited time I’m offering a FREE 28-day trial (see the box below).

You get one email per week, and can ask as many questions as you like in that email. I will identify the core message and address that with ideas, insight, and/or more enquiry so you can really begin to dig deep and uncover your true self.

FREE 28-DAY TRIAL – limited offer

It’s sometimes hard to make a decision on something like this without experiencing it.

Therefore, I’d like to offer you the chance to try my Personal Guidance Programme, free of charge, for 28 days with no obligation. Simply click the button below, enter your details and your free trial will begin.

If you want to continue after 28 days you will be charged just $127 per month for as long as you want to stay on board.

Or if you don’t feel you’re getting value, simply cancel any time before the 28 days is up and you will not pay a penny. You have literally nothing to lose!

Simply Mindfulness

Personal Guidance Trial

There is no lock-in, so as long as you feel you’re getting value, stay signed up. If and when you don’t, just cancel!

Naturally, everything in your questions and answers is 100% confidential.

Signing up to your Personal Guidance Programme is quite possibly the best thing I have ever done. Thank you!

Kirsten Sheppard

Stuart’s approach is different to other coaches and as such is a breath of fresh air.

Karen Cureton

Stuart is measured, non-judgemental, offers sound advice and he does what he says he is going to do – who could ask for more?!

Samantha Spillane

When you consider the sheer value I received from Stuart in just 3 weeks, my mind boggles at the value of working with him on an on-going long term basis.

Clare Adele Howe

One of my favorite quotes says “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”, and I think there is no better quote than this one to describe Stuart.

Thomas Colombo

Stuart is an experienced meditator and skilled teacher. He shares his mindfulness experience in a non judgmental way and creates a welcoming environment in which you will feel comfortable to develop your own meditation practice. 

Paul Angrave