Are you frustrated by your digital world? All the pings, follows, likes, messages, files and photos…

The digital world is an amazing place. It has connected more people than ever before and allowed us to share knowledge, wisdom, love and joy globally.

And yet with the opportunities come complications.

We now have an onslaught of information, files, photos and digital clutter to deal with.

This Ultimate Digital Detox Action Plan gives you everything you need to regain control of your computer, phone, social media, photo library… everywhere digital clutter accumulates.

And it’s divided into three levels… the quick wins of the ‘easy’ level. The more challenging level for those who are committed to and mindful and minimal digital life. And finally the ‘extreme’ level… there if you’d like to push some boundaries and figure out what you really do and don’t need in your life.

I am slowly working my way through the list and am enjoying the freedom that is coming from completing each task.

With all the time I am claiming back into my life, I spend it on the important things in my life—being present and aware with my family, creating art that is meaningful, and having calm and joy in my day.

Thank you!

— Larissa Marantz, CA, USA

How it works…

Each section contains quick and simple tasks you can do to clear the clutter now, and prevent it from building up in the future.

These tips have all been tried and tested, and in most sections come with case studies to show you what’s possible.

You’ll get control of:

  • Your Inbox
  • Your Computer Desktop
  • Your Computer File System
  • Your Web Browser
  • Digital Media (such as Netflix and YouTube)
  • Your Phone
  • Social Media
  • Your Digital Photos

And Finally… you’ll be invited to take part in the Digital Detox Challenge.

This is the most comprehensive guide you’ll find on taking control of your digital world, and getting the peace of mind from knowing it’s all in good order.