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I hold weekly and monthly classes close to Leicester and in Loughborough. You are welcome to drop in and experience the benefits of mindfulness for yourself.

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The Ultimate Digital Detox

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This Ultimate Digital Detox Action Plan gives you everything you need to regain control of your computer, phone, social media, photo library… everywhere digital clutter accumulates.

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Time To Breathe

Get some much-needed time out!

If you need some time out, if you appreciate beauty and creativity, and if you want to boost your inner peace, confidence, self-acceptance and self-love, then this book is for you.

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Recommended Reading

The Best Books about Mindfulness.

If you would like to explore your inner world, these are the books I believe will give you a solid foundation.

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Guided Meditation

Stop feeling guilty for not being perfect.

This guided meditation helps you to accept yourself, and love yourself exactly as you are.

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Whether you already have everything you ever wanted, or are struggling in any way, mindfulness brings a value and meaning to your life on a level that you never could imagine is possible.

My own mindfulness practice of fourteen years (and counting) has helped me through some major life events such as redundancy and divorce, as well as identifying and healing the emotional pain of childhood trauma which led to addictions, eating disorders and other dysfunctional habits and behaviours.

It isn’t about hustle, and striving to be the ‘best person you can be’ – those are often just a different manifestation of the same struggle… the struggle to feel like you’re good enough. It’s about being gentle with yourself. It’s about being kind to yourself.

And it’s about radical acceptance of yourself—the “good” bits and the “bad” bits—and the world around you.

If you are ready to open the cellar door, start shining a light into the darker corners and gently dust yourself off, the rewards are waiting for you – inner peace, joy and confidence are all available to you right now.

There are four steps that I work through in my programmes, workshops and one-to-one work:

  • Making Space – creating room to breathe within, so that we can get clear on who we are and what we want.
  • Raising Consciousness – becoming aware of our level of consciousness… to identify when we’re operating from a place of shame, guilt, anger, fear, maybe pride and raise our consciousness into acceptance, willingness, reason, joy and love.
  • Letting Go – most of our actions, beliefs and habits were programmed into us during our childhood and life experiences. Not all of them are still serving our life, and we learn to identify and let go of unhelpful thoughts, behaviour, and sometimes physical ‘things’.
  • Living In The Moment – reducing anxiety, worry and regret by focusing on the present moment. What is required of me right now?

If you’d be interested in exploring these topics, please have a look at the links below, and select the path you’re ready for…

Stuart Carter, Mindfulness Coach, Teacher and Author
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Stuart Carter, Mindfulness Coach, Teacher and Author

Stuart Carter, Mindfulness Coach, Teacher and Author

Stuart Carter, Mindfulness Coach, Teacher and Author