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Joe Bousquet

Last year I visited Carcassonne, a beautiful city in the south of France.

And one of the places I went was the house of Joe Bousquet.

He is notable for being paralysed by injuries in World War I and spending 25 years of his life in a single room.

And yet he managed to produce an extensive body of poetry and writing.

As I was deciding what to do today I took inspiration from his story… I’ve got a whole house. And a garden. And the use of my limbs. And I’m allowed out for exercise. I am extremely lucky in comparison.

I guess we can make excuses, but sometimes an example like Bousquet makes all those excuses fall away and we’re left with ourselves…


Are you rich?

You might be. Or if you’re anything like I was, you might not feel you are.

Despite having (by global accounts) everything I could have ever needed I used to feel poor. Impoverished, even.

And in a bid to get more… more, more, more… I focused on money and stopped getting distracted by stupid things.

The problem is, I was using an unhelpful definition of ‘rich’… ie. “having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy.”

What I realised, and it was a sudden blinding flash of the bleeding obvious, was that there are more definitions of rich…

How about…interesting because full of variety”

Or… pleasantly deep or strong (colour/smell etc.)”

Or… “containing an abundance of value.”

It turns out that money in the bank is not ‘richness’. Being alive and knowing it is richness. Recognising the incredible value within ourselves is richness. Being authentic and bold is richness.

The ‘stupid things’ I was getting distracted by were the richness. By focusing on what I ‘should’ be doing I was impoverishing myself – even while my bank balance grew.

Which definition were you working to? And will that change?

Maybe take this slower time to figure out exactly in which ways you are already rich. And do more of that when we get the opportunity.

Why We’re Doing It

This video explains, in the best possible way, why we’re social distancing and doing a lock-down…

Social distancing is the best strategy according to science. Here’s how.

It’s well worth investing 9 minutes and 18 seconds of your life.

Stay safe. And stay sane!

Resistance and Suffering

Suffering is equal to pain multiplied by resistance.

Take the pain away (whether that’s physical or emotional) and the suffering stops.

But sometimes the pain won’t go. Or not for long in any case.

The other way to reduce our suffering is to take the resistance away.

Instead of turning away from the pain, instead of seeing it as unbearable, we turn towards it with curiosity.

Next time you’re experiencing pain or discomfort that won’t seem to go away, try turning towards it. Try making some space for it.

See what happens.