When It All Goes Wrong…

Yesterday, we talked about the ‘cat of time’.

But what happens when it all goes wrong… when we can see the whole cat, but don’t act on it?

What do we do when we know that we’ll have a horrible hangover, but still polish off the rest of the bottle of wine?

That’s where we could choose to beat ourselves up. We could choose to feel guilt and shame.

Or we could do things differently…

We could accept that we didn’t know better. Because if we had, we would have done things differently.

Even if we have the illusion that we could have done things differently, we didn’t. So we couldn’t.

And so we can be forgiving.

Rather than berate ourselves for our indiscretion, let’s ask… “What was it about my life situation that caused me to value the bottle of wine over the peace of mind?”

We can ask “What feeling or truth was I trying to avoid?”

And we can ask “What can I do now to make my life situation better? To get it more in line with how I want my life to work out?”

It’s not about letting ourselves off with ‘bad behaviour’. But it’s also not about being overly harsh, judgemental or reactionary.

No need for self-flagellation. Let’s be kind to ourselves. Let’s act as if we love ourselves.

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