The Liberation of Restrictions

Something I have always enjoyed doing is making the most from restricted circumstances.

I was a DSP engineer for many years, working on audio processing software for live music.

My software was the last place the audio went through before being amplified to 500 kilowatts and sent through the air to 50,000 pairs of ears.

If had to be right.

AND I only had 1/48,000th of a second to do all of the processing I needed to do.

If you asked me to design an algorithm to filter some audio, and delay it to make up for the speed of sound between two sets of speakers, and limit it gracefully so it didn’t overload the speakers, then I’d happily do it.

Now ask me to do that in 1/48,000th of a second and my creativity lights up!

It’s the same with many aspects of our life…

What boundaries and restrictions can you set in order to turn a mundane task into an exciting one? To pique your creativity? To really engage your mind?

Sometimes the restrictions will be imposed by the outside world, and sometimes you’ll need to self-impose.

Try it. Get creative.