Mind Readers

Did you ever meet a mind-reader?

Not the sort you get on stage, but the sort you find out in the real world.

We’re talking about those people who seem to make your beliefs come true… if you expect conflict you get it. If you expect to be turned down for something, you are.

It happens often enough that we know it isn’t pure chance.

And there’s a very good reason for it.

You see, we all vibrate at a certain frequency, and that frequency changes over time.

Sometimes we’ll be filled with love and joy. Other times it’ll be fear or anger.

And we broadcast this vibration into the world.

Other people don’t even know they’re picking it up… but pick it up, they do.

And more to the point, they act on it.

If you vibrate fear, they pick it up and mistrust you.

If you vibrate anger, they pick it up and conflict ensues.

So be aware of your vibration. What are you broadcasting into the world?

Because the world is receiving and mirroring it back to you.

(We’ll be covering both of these topics—vibrational levels and the world as a mirror—on my Six Week Course in November.)

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