Is Anger Appropriate?

At my workshop last night, the discussion turned to the subject of anger.

Is anger ever appropriate?

Is it ‘wrong’?

We talked about the Levels of Consciousness (I’ve published an introduction about this subject on my YouTube channel)

You see… we’re conditioned to think that anger is “bad”. But that’s not the case.

Anger is what it is.

It’s a vibration.

Sure, it’s sometimes not helpful.

If we’re trying to solve an interpersonal problem, there’s a good chance that love will achieve more than anger.

And bottling or holding on to anger is not healthy at all…

As the Buddha said: “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and waiting for your enemies to die.”

BUT, and this is what came from the workshop…

If we’re dealing with lower consciousness, maybe apathy or guilt, anger can be a really¬†helpful antidote.

We transcend to anger. Feel the anger.

And then make the right decision for ourselves and for the greater good.

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