Our phone ‘pings’ and we feel the urge to look. And reply. And impatiently wait for the next reply.

The world has become instant.

Instant gratification. Instant communication. Instant results.

But who is forcing us to buy in to this sense of urgency?

We do it to ourselves in order to avoid the feeling of discomfort.

Here’s an experiment…

Next time your phone pings, ignore it.

Feel the discomfort that comes. The impatience. The sense of not-knowing.

Really FEEL it for a few minutes.

And as you feel it, realise that it can’t kill you. It can’t make you do anything. It can’t force you to spring into action.

And then take that acceptance into your whole life.

When we stop jumping to suppress our discomfort, we begin to think more clearly, make better decisions, and have more peace and joy in our lives.

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