Are you bored yet?

If you’re on a COVID lockdown there’s a good chance you’ve already felt some kind of boredom or frustration.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wishing suffering on you… you have actually just taken the first step into deep mindfulness.

You see, boredom is a rejection of the present moment.

We get caught up in next, next, next and we forget to look at now.

So next time you feel bored (and I bet you won’t have too long before you’ll be practising this one) sit with the feeling. Where would you like to be instead? What would you like to be doing instead? What is so bad and wrong about here and now that you don’t want it?

Often it’s a subtle discomfort within… the same discomfort that makes us rush around and fill our diaries… the same discomfort that means we can’t be alone in the house without the radio or TV on.

Sit with that discomfort. Realise it can’t harm you.

And over time you’ll come to realise that the feeling is actually life force itself.

Here. Now. This… once you truly experience them you will never look back.